Cabal Coffers is proud to introduce Cabal Coin.

What is Cabal Coin?

Cabal Coin in a cryptocurrency token on the Steem blockchain offered on the Steem-engine marketplace. The symbol on the marketplace for Cabal Coin is CABAL. The main function of CABAL is to buy items from the Cabal Coffers Store. It is essentially a cryptocurrency gift card for this great collectibles store. 1 CABAL WILL ALWAYS be worth $1 in funds to buy anything from the Cabal Coffers Store. This includes anything from the Cabal Coffers Ebay Store and items listed on Cabal Coffers will allocate a portion of it’s business funds as a reserve for this coin. There will NEVER be more CABAL in circulation then reserves available to buy them all back. The max cap will be small, there will never be more than 10,000 coins in circulation. CABAL only has two digit partial denomination, just like US currency owners can have 1.75 CABAL which will be equal to $1.75 in store value. CABAL is partially backed by Paypal, which CABAL can be sold back to Cabal Coffers for Paypal funds (minimum buyback of $10).

What is Cabal Coffers?

Cabal Coffers is an online collectibles business. It has been in operation since 2005. It is a registered business in California. Items for sale include; (Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yugioh and other trading cards) (Retro Video Games and Electronic) (Comic books, Manga, and other books) (War-gaming Miniatures, Action Figures, and Other Toys) (Digital items and other miscellaneous things)

How to Buy an item from Cabal Coffers with CABAL (USA Residents Only For Physical Items At This Time!!!)

1. Check if the store is on vacation or not, this will be in the latest post on or
2. Look at the Cabal Coffers Ebay Store and find an item (US buyers only). International buyers have offers available on
3. Find the “Buy It Now” price
4. Send CABAL for that price to @cabalcoffers with a memo including a link to the Item you would like.
5. Send an Email to with your shipping address and Steem name.
6. Within a reasonable amount of time (1-3 business days) Cabal Coffers will send you the item (free shipping for most items). Free tracking number will be provided with most orders, and emailed back to you to follow the order. First come first serve. Items that are ordered after someone else has already ordered it, is refunded and the second order is canceled.

(Example: Find $14.75 item on Cabal Coffers Ebay Store found at Send 14.75 CABAL to @cabalcoffers with memo including link to Ebay item and your email. Cabal Coffers contacts you for address. Item is shipped to you.)

How to Get Paypal $$$ For Cabal Coin

1. Check the current price conversion at (starting buyback price is $0.50 Paypal for 1 CABAL). Buyback rate is subject to change.
2. Send at least $10 worth of CABAL in Paypal buyback to @cabalcoffers with a memo saying “Paypal” and your email used for your Paypal account. If you would like to remain anonymous, send an e-mail to with your Paypal email information and your Steem name.
3. Within 1-3 business days Cabal Coffers will Paypal gift you the buyback amount.

(Example: See on that the buy back rate for the day is $0.50 Paypal per CABAL. Send 20 Cabal Coin to @cabalcoffers with a memo saying “Paypal”. In 1-3 business days $10 Paypal will be sent to your account.

How do I get Cabal Coins?

You can buy Cabal Coins on the marketplace for Steem. You can trade Steem from many cryptocurrencies from You will need a Steemit account to hold Steem. You will need an account at You can also receive Cabal Coin from random airdrops if you follow the and


For the life of this Steem Blog post (seven days) first 100 members that like, follow, share and comment (at least 10 words forming a real sentence about this post) will receive 1 CABAL (provide steem name).


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