Cracking a Booster Pack – Dominaria (Prize Pack 3)

This is the last of my prize packs from the Dominaria Magic the Gathering pre-release. Another kind of disappointing pack. Nothing I need for any planned decks. I really wanted to get at least one more rat colony or maybe a fungus or wizard. Nothing of value really.

This was the only card worth anything. Honestly it is an amazing card. A 5/5 for 4 mana!? This is going straight into my modern mono green stompy deck. In fact, I’m going to need 3 more to put in that deck. If you kick it for 3 more it fights something late game. The sheer power of this card makes you wonder why it isn’t a mythic? I’m sure this card is relevant to dino decks still floating around in Standard.

I’m all out of Dominaria packs. I will be uploading old pack opening in the future to I will also be uploading a review of my next draft, so hit that follow button and keep your eyes open for future videos and articles. Thanks for watching!

As always, all items are up for sale for cryptocurrency offers. Just let me know in a comment or PM! All coins with a wallet accepted!

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