Cracking a Booster Pack – Dominaria (Prize Pack 2)

I opened the second prize pack from the pre-release of the newest Magic the Gathering set Dominaria. This pack was not as exciting as the first, but I learned something. I didn’t notice how the cards are ordered in these boosters at the pre-release, I was probably tired and excitedly ripping open packs. There is a legendary in each pack at the very end before the land and the ad card. So, the uncommon spot only has two cards.

This will add a new dynamic to draft. There will be at least 8 multi-color cards in each pack round. There will be a lot of cards flowing around that will entice people to choose colors very quick. If I learned anything from Ravnica and Return to Ravnica, don’t be fooled by multi-color cards. A really sweet multi-color legendary card may come you’re way, don’t get tilted! Make sure you don’t grab an awesome first pick white/black and then force the colors, passing even better cards from other colors just because of your first pick. Those first pick legendary cards are a trap!

So the only card worth over $0.50 was the rare. I forgot to mention in the video that this is a “Legendary Sorcery”. It can only be cast if you control a legendary creature or planeswalker, making this hard to play. I wouldn’t draft this card just because it seem too situational. It could end up being a dead card in your hand the whole game if you don’t play a legendary creature.

I have one more booster pack to open. I’ll try to do that on Thursday or Friday before the Draft. I plan on posting a Draft Deck share of whatever I make like I did for the pre-release. I’ll also explain how the draft went and how my deck did against others. Thanks for watching!

As always, all items are up for sale for cryptocurrency offers. Just let me know in a comment or PM! All coins with a wallet accepted!

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