85 more World of Warcraft TCG Rares/Epics Listed

Here is the last batch of rares and epics to go on TCGPlayer. I don’t know how well singles perform on TCGPlayer for this card game, but it doesn’t look there is anywhere that lets you sell them besides Ebay. The effort involved to post each card on Ebay is not worth the time for the price and the wait involved! The rest of the rares+ are light play or worse and I will list as a bulk lot on Ebay in the future.

I have finally made it through the rares/epics/legendary in this collection I bought from @steembay. This set is massive. I have tons of complete common and uncommon sets to list on Ebay soon as well. I have already organized those into ziplock baggies.

I still really like the art from these cards. They are so colorful and cartoony. It looks like fan art on some. I might be! Sorry for the blurry last pic of the Epics, I couldn’t get my phone to focus.

As always, all items are up for sale for cryptocurrency offers. Just let me know in a comment or PM! All coins with a wallet accepted!

DogeCoin Accepted – DF8TAzAzV7xhvvS6Hr3Zg9Se12PNQrk6s2 

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