Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 47

Alright this is what I’m looking for. $50 page. This brought the page average back up to $35. Mewtwos and Promos helped a lot in value.

47A1 Magneton Legendary Rare LP $0.39
47A2 Marill Southern Islands Promo NM $7.99
47A3 Meowth Roll Up Promo Promo LP $3.48
47B1 Mew Southern Islands Promo NM $14.99
47B2 Mewtwo Base Holo MP $1.34
47B3 Mewtwo Base 2 Holo NM $4.75
47C1 Rocket’s Mewtwo Gym Challenge Holo LP $12.98
47C3 Mewtwo Legendary Rare NM $2.99
Cost -$505.15
Page 1 – 46 Appraisal $1,605.00
Page 47 Appraisal $48.91
Total Inventory $1,653.91
Current Profit Potential $1,148.76
Average Page Appraisal $35.19

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