Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 45

Full sheet of Magnetons. SO MANY. Too bad they are not worth much on average. I swear if I didn’t notice how many reverse holos were in the binder I might have gotten hosed. A $15 card is not to be scoffed at. Still an above average page.

45A1 Magneton Base (Shadowless) Holo HP $4.99
45A2 Magneton Fossil Holo NM $2.47
45A3 Magneton Fossil Rare NM $0.59
45B1 Magneton Base 2 Holo LP $0.50
45B2 Dark Magneton Team Rocket Holo NM $3.89
45B3 Dark Magneton Team Rocket Rare NM $0.49
45C1 Lt. Surge’s Magneton Gym Heroes Holo NM $3.22
45C2 Magneton Neo Revelation Holo NM $4.10
45C3 Magneton Legendary Reverse Holo NM $14.99
Cost -$505.15
Page 1 – 44 Appraisal $1,567.07
Page 45 Appraisal $35.24
Total Inventory $1,602.31
Current Profit Potential $1,097.16
Average Page Appraisal $35.61

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