Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 41

Not a bad page. Plenty of value. Pretty average $25 page. Most of these sold instantly on TCGPlayer too. Hit $1500 in new inventory from this binder and $1K in potential profit. I’m going to say at this part of the binder the purchase was worth it, doubling my investment in potential. If I had not received any other pages I would have felt this venture a win. I have 60+ pages to go, so not even halfway done.

41A1 Lapras Fossil Rare MP $0.43
41A2 Lapras Southern Islands Promo MP $2.66
41A3 Light Ledian Neo Destiny Rare NM $1.75
41B1 Ledbya Southern Islands Holo NM $3.47
41B2 Lickitung Southern Islands Rare NM $5.98
41B3 Lugia Neo Revelation Rare NM $2.97
41C1 Machamp Base 1st Holo D $1.37
41C2 Machamp Base 1st Holo HP $2.83
41C3 Dark Machamp Team Rocket Holo NM $3.96
Cost -$505.15
Page 1 – 40 Appraisal $1,479.80
Page 41 Appraisal $25.24
Total Inventory $1,505.04
Current Profit Potential $999.89
Average Page Appraisal $36.71

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