Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 38

One card was worth more than the average page value! Reverse Joteon holo! It’s worth $33! This page only had a few cards, but what great pulls. Page average is getting back to $40 a page.

38A1 Jumpluff Neo Genesis Holo NM $1.39
Jumpluff Neo Genesis Holo HP $0.25
38A2 Jolteon Legendary Reverse Holo NM $32.98
38B2 Jynx Legendary Reverse Holo NM $11.32
Jynx Legendary Rare NM $0.97
38C3 Kabutops Fossil Rare MP $0.45
Cost -$505.15
Page 1 – 37 Appraisal $1,404.28
Page 38 Appraisal $47.36
Total Inventory $1,451.64
Current Profit Potential $946.49
Average Page Appraisal $38.20

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