Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 37

This page is pretty standard, worth around $30 total. Some good Neo series holos. Many abover $5. Almost at $900 in potential profit total. Page average is staying strong above $30.

37A2 Jolteon Legendary Holo LP $9.29
37A3 Jumpluff Neo Genesis Holo NM $1.39
37B1 Jumpluff Neo Revelation Holo NM $4.97
37B2 Jynx Legendary Rare LP $0.60
37B3 Kabutops Fossil Holo NM $6.99
37C1 Kabutops Fossil Rare NM $1.00
37C2 Kabutops Neo Discovery Holo NM $7.99
37C3 Kabutops Neo Discovery Rare MP $0.67
Cost -$505.15
Page 1 – 36 Appraisal $1,371.38
Page 37 Appraisal $32.90
Total Inventory $1,404.28
Current Profit Potential $899.13
Average Page Appraisal $37.95

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