Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 35

I found another memory card, a Jolteon. I’ll scan and upload it soon. Most of the cards were pretty underwhelming on this page, but overall it was nearly to the projected page average of $30. Almost at $800 in potential profit.

35A1 Hypno Fossil Holo NM $4.98
35A2 Hypno Fossil Rare NM $0.75
35A3 Dark Hypno Team Rocket Holo NM $3.97
35B1 Dark Hypno Team Rocket Rare NM $1.03
35B2 Hypno Legendary Rare NM $1.46
35B3 Ivysaur Southern Islands Promo NM $8.99
35C1 Jigglypuff Southern Islands Promo NM $3.99
35C2 Jolteon Jungle Holo MP $3.65
35C3 Jolteon Jungle 1st Rare LP $0.00
Cost -$505.15
Page 1 – 34 Appraisal $1,275.40
Page 35 Appraisal $28.82
Total Inventory $1,304.22
Current Profit Potential $799.07
Average Page Appraisal $37.26

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