Chris-Chan’s Custom Checklist Cards

In the Big Binder of Pokemon card I bought from Chris-chan the first pages were custom checklist cards. Once side is a cutout of the booster pack art from the set and the other side is a printed checklist of rares and holographic. I’m unsure why he created these cards, because his printouts of paper checklists were in the binder too. The cards are printed on the same card stock and shape as his original cards with the same grainy printer head. This is historical examples of his early computer image editing skills. His poor cutting skills left crooked edges you could consider art as well.

I have experimented with cleaning them up and framing them for resale. Here is an example of my progress on the first card prepped for display in my office until they are listed and sell. The cards have been sealed and safely secured in place to the frame without damaging the cards. Shake the frame as much as you want, the cards won’t move.

I have developed a basic certificate of authenticity template to provide with each framing, collect them all!

cert 1

You can purchase these with the confidence of knowing we have operated for 14 years selling online with an overall near 100% seller rating after over 1000 sales. Your chance to buy one of these Chris-Chan originals will be available to you soon, you could own a piece of Christory! New listings coming soon!

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