Banned from Kiwifarms

People keep emailing me about this, so I’ll just let everyone know so I don’t have to copy pasta the same story to people any more. Cabal Coffers was banned from Kiwifarms. I didn’t really receive any warning, just banned for this reason in the picture. There was a post by the board owner that If I ever post on his board again with my store links he would “fucking eat me”. XD he banned me before the post. Then he deleted the post. I wish I had screenshot it. I can understand they didn’t want any outside marketing, I never provided links to my store just this blog. I posted on there because people were interested in my analysis of the binder. Doesn’t bother me one bit getting banned, that why I haven’t said anything since it happened. I’m still going to update on this website so stay tuned for new page analysis, new memory card, and original art scans in the future. Sales have been great for the cards I have uploaded. I’ve made around $100 in net sales just from the binder so far, I haven’t even gotten halfway through the binder and it hasn’t even been a month on the store.

Capture (2)

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