Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 33

An above average page. One card is worth $29.99! Cards were in great condition. Potential profit is now above $750!

33A1 Hitmontop Neo Discovery Rare NM $0.99
33A2 Ho-oh Neo Revelation Holo NM $29.97
33A3 Ho-oh Neo Revelation Rare NM $2.97
33C1 Houndoom Neo Revelation Holo NM $5.47
33C2 Houndoom Neo Revelation Rare LP $1.28
33C3 Houndour Neo Discovery Rare NM $1.50
Cost -$505.15
Page 1 – 32 Appraisal $1,221.46
Page 33 Appraisal $42.18
Total Inventory $1,263.64
Current Profit Potential $758.49
Average Page Appraisal $38.29

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