Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 32

A below average page, again only supported by the inflated price of reverse holo legendary cards. This one hurt the page average a little. Pretty bad quality cards too, dropping the overall price of the page.

32A1 Hitmonchan Base Holo LP $1.15
Hitmonchan Base Holo MP $0.90
32A3 Haunter Fossil Rare NM $0.75
Haunter Fossil Rare MP $0.32
Haunter Fossil Rare MP $0.32
32B1 Hitmonlee Fossil Holo LP $2.83
32B3 Hitmonchan Base 2 Holo LP $1.63
Hitmonchan Base 2 Holo LP $1.63
32C1 Hitmontop Neo Discovery Holo NM $2.85
32C2 Hitmonlee Legendary Reverse Holo NM $13.99
32C3 Hitmonlee Fossil Rare MP $0.55
Cost -$505.15
Page 1 – 31 Appraisal $1,194.54
Page 32 Appraisal $26.92
Total Inventory $1,221.46
Current Profit Potential $716.31
Average Page Appraisal $38.17

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