Chris Chan’s Pokemon Collection – Profit Potential – Page 30

Another $45 in cards. More Gyarados. The reverse legendary brought this page up in price. It’s amazing how good condition the reverse holos are in this binder. Most all foil cards are prone to getting damaged easily.

30A1 Dark Gyarados Team Rocket Holo NM $4.23
30A2 Dark Gyarados Promo Holo MP $0.65
30B2 Giovanni’s Gyarados Gym Challenge Holo MP $6.89
30B3 Dark Gyarados Team Rocket Rare NM $1.03
Dark Gyarados Team Rocket Rare NM $1.03
30C2 Gyarados Legendary Reverse Holo NM $21.89
Gyarados Legendary Holo NM $9.48
Cost -$505.15
Page 1 – 29 Appraisal $1,105.59
Page 30 Appraisal $45.20
Total Inventory $1,150.79
Current Profit Potential $645.64
Average Page Appraisal $38.36

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