25 SEP 15 – Video Game Buy (Gameboys and Games)

Picked up a pretty sweet lot of games and handheld systems today. The blue DS is broken and I may sell for parts. The Pink is in pretty good condition, just needed some cleaning. The SP is banged up and has a dead pixel, but appears to work fine. There were a lot of dirty and non-working games, so I got this for cheap. With minor repairs and cleaning I got all but two to work. Expect to see these games on the store soon!
Here are the counterfeit Pokemon games that were in the box. Only half of them appear to work. I find some of these titles to be pretty funny, and I can’t believe the detail someone took to make these. None of these will be for sale on the store, as it is probably illegal to sell and my store only sells originals and genuine products. 

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