16 SEP 15 – New Listings (Loose Japanese Import Playstation One Games)

70523791_5_(1).jpg 70523799_xmen.jpg
X-Men vs. Street Fighter EX Edition Japan Import
Buy for $29.99
70523786_2_(1).jpg 70523794_guilty.jpg
Guilty Gear Japan Import
Buy for $15.99
70523784_1_(2).jpg 70523798_side.jpg
Side by Side Special
Buy for $19.99




Battle Arena Toshinden 3 Japan Import
Buy for $19.99
70523789_4_(2).jpg 70523790_4_(4).jpg 70523797_legion_(2).jpg 70523795_legion_(1).jpg
Legion of Heroes (both Disks) 
Buy for $19.99

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