23 JUN 15 – Zelda Collection Video Game Buy


I have been avoiding the urge to purchase more stuff for the store, but I couldn’t pass up this collection. I will admit a lot of this stuff will not be for sale on the store. I’m sure the Monopoly game, the two DS games and the 3DS will go up. Although, the statue and collectors edition box for Majora’s mask is mine, I missed out on the pre-order for that one and I haven’t seen it anywhere for under $100. I’m borderline on the leather pouch, I’ll probably bundle it with the system. The Amiibos will not be for sale, my wife just bought me some Amiibos for Father’s day. I guess I’m into Amiibos now? I avoided it as long as I could. It was inevitable. Sales are going great on the store, please go and check out what we have. Some of this stuff from the Zelda collection buy will be on the store soon!

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