Bad Business on Ebay – Do not sell to triscutz!

I very rarely deal with problems on Ebay. Most everyone is very reasonable, and kind. Most people pay on time and ship quick. This week I had the honor of dealing with two problem buyers.

I had someone buy my super famicom Street Fighter. Within minutes of buying this item the person contacted me asking if it was in English… Not only does the title of the items say Super Famicom (Japanese Super Nintendo) but it also says Japan Import… I politely asked the buyer if they even bothered to read the description. Thankfully the guy was understanding and accepted a partial refund to deal with me having to re-list it. It’s back up if anyone wants it, but be warned Super Famicom is Japanese…
The second problem this week was monumental. I sold Resident Evil 2 for N64 to a guy that goes by triscutz
This guy opened a dispute on Ebay after three days of paying… He claimed he didn’t receive his item. Mind you, I actually shipped the game the same day he paid for it and provided a shipping tracking for free. I asked him politely if he checked the tracking because it said it had already left Hawaii. He said he expected expedited shipping and wanted a refund. All of my items can be expedited, but for a fee. He did not want to pay anything extra (you know it costs like 3x the price in shipping). He got buthurt that I called him “bro”, which I affectionately call anyone on occasion. He left neutral feed back saying that the item came late. It shipped from Guam to MI in 4 days, that’s amazing speed in my opinion with regular shipping… I reported all this to Ebay and there is still a dispute open and the neutral feedback on my account. I now am a little butthurt.
Maybe Super Famicom/N64 Games are cursed this week. I hope everyone else is having a better week. Happy Fathers day from Cabal Coffers.

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