27 May 15 – Video Game Buy


I picked up this lot for practically nothing. After days of the seller flaking on me she eventually met me in the parking lot of the mall, like a true video game drug deal. I was surprised some of the games had blank DS cases that I just added to my personal collection to house some loose games of my own. The blue cart with no label is a copy of Pokemon Blue! The seller claimed these were all broken and didn’t work. I cleaned them and every one works fine… I tried out Yggdrasil Union, and it seems like the most confusing GBA game I’ve ever seen, so I’m definitely keeping that one. Most of these games are junk and will be bundled with a DS or GBA system in the future. Here is what I got from this lot:

  • Pokemon Blue
  • Yggdrasil Union
  • Barbie GBA game
  • 3 crappy DS games

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