25 May 15 – Video Game Buy


I met a great seller on island recently and this was the first buy I made from him. He had a bunch of Xbox stuff, but I’m trying to stay away from that. I’m trying to stay strictly Nintendo and Playstation products, with a little bit of Sega when available. The PS3s were practically free, so I’m going to fiddle with them and see if I can get them to work. I was amazed that this guy found me some retro games still in the box. He has secret sources that I can’t seem to find on island. Here is what I got in this lot.

  • Broken Nintendo with light gun and one game.
  • Boxed GBA games
  • Boxed Sega games
  • Boxed N64 games
  • A black wii in box with games
  • Broken N64
  • one working ps2 slim, one “semi-working” and one broken.
  • PS2 games 

66310355_11124195_10207130940.jpgI took apart the N64 and it was pretty ghastly.66310386_11418495_10207130940.jpgDead bugs, spider eggs, dust and peanut butter…. The power cord looked like it had been eaten by a dog… I cut up the wires and re-soldered them. I cleaned everything and removed the grime. I lubed up the connectors and “BAM”. 3 hours later I had a working N64. I don’t currently have one so I’m keeping it until I find another.66310390_11428985_10207130940.jpgI had tons of fun cleaning and repairing this old system. I found a great sense of accomplishment, having made something work that was doomed as “parts” from the seller. Check out my Ebay store to see what has been listed and is still for sale!


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