24 Apr 15 – Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Buy


I met a kid in a liquor store parking lot about some “Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards” he claimed he had. I ended up waiting 15 minutes and almost left because I though I was going to get flaked on. The kid showed up with a plastic bag of messed up cards.

The condition of the cards was terrible. There was something sticky on the cards, the foils were scratched and most of the cards looked fake. I laughed at the kid when he offered $100 for the cards. I told him I could not legally buy his fake cards but I would give him $10 for the bag and that I would throw away the fakes for free. Here is the ratio of fakes to real cards. The real cards are on the left.


Here are some of the fakes that I bought, they are pretty hilarious. Either the cards were very glossy or just didn’t feel right. If you look at the cards that say “1st Edition” the foil at the bottom should be gold, instead it was silver. Obvious fakes, probably Chinese fakes.


LOL Negroid Shaman…


Super glossy, totally not a fake….


These would have been cool, if they were real. Silver on the bottom right with 1st Edition is a dead give-away.
The fakes will be used as backs to my business cards and packaging for other cards. It is illegal to sell fakes and everyone selling Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards should know this. Yu-Gi-Oh! Card have a huge counterfeit market in China, beware. Some of the legit cards are listed on my store! Check them out, but be warned they are in rough condition.


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