13 May 15 – Video Game Buy


The guy I bought this from was crazy. He thought his”modded” PSP that didn’t work was worth $150… I met him in a McDonalds parking lot in the rain. He was also crazy that he wouldn’t sell his collection in bulk, He wanted to piece it out. I eventually got him down to a reasonable price (practically nothing) and bought the whole lot. He also had a Guitar Hero controller, but I stay away from large accessories, because they don’t seem to sell/Shipping is crazy/and they would take up too much room in my house. Here is what I got in this lot:

  • Broken PSP with games and case
  • PS2 Games
  • Xbox games
  • Xbox 360 games
  • DS case (nothing in is)

After taking all this home, I fixed his PSP in about an hour. I was surprised to find hundreds of porn videos still on the device…. I wiped this system clean and cleaned the system with anti-bacterial chemicals (for good reason). The system is porn free, disinfected, and fixed. It’s for sale still as I type this for a great price. Check out someone these items that may still be available on my Ebay store!


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