6 Jun 15 – Video Game Buy

I am going to start back-logging some of my awesome buys for the store. I would like to catalog all of the fun I’ve had collecting things to sell. I have met some great people and turned their dusty collections into cash. This will also allow followers of the store a sneak peek as to what is going to be refurbished and eventually listed on the store!


Yesterday night a friend and I went on an adventure to collect a huge collection of retro games. We definitely came into a great haul of games, so big the seller had to let me borrow a suitcase to take it all home. Here is some of the things that we picked up.

  • Sega Genesis games – All complete in box
  • Two Nintendo (NES) – I will try to repair them and give one back to the seller
  • Gameboy Advance Games – Most complete in box
  • A Gameboy SP
  • A Gameboy DS
  • Loose Gameboy DS and GBA games with a game case
  • A couple loose Playstation, Xbox 360, and Playstation 2 games
  • A bunch of Gamecube games
  • 2 Gamecube controllers
  • 1 Playstation 2 Controller
  • A couple Nintendo 64 games Complete in the box
  • A couple Super Nintendo Games Complete in the box!
  • Some DS games Complete in box
  • A bunch of loose manuals for Playstation games
  • Some Wii Games
  • A PS3 Game
  • Some Pokemon Video GBA carts with the boxes


We had to go to some sketchy neighborhoods at night to find these games. Pretty much feel like a retro king-pin at this point with how much product the store has on stock right now. Go check out my store page, I’m cleaning and posting everything!


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